Calif. Office Pools No Longer Lead to Jail Time

California sports bettors owe state assemblyman Kevin Jeffries a big fat thank you.

Because of Jeffries and his common sense, office pools are no longer punishable by jail time, the Associated Press reported:

A bill signed into law Thursday by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger makes participating in a noncommercial betting pool an infraction punishable by a fine of up $250.

Before Thursday's display of reason, putting a couple bucks down in an office pool could have resulted in a misdemeanor or felony charge and up to a year in jail or state prison.

Jeffries, a Republican from Lake Elsinore who authored the bill, said the punishment did not fit the crime, the Associated Press reported:

He introduced the legislation after two women from his area were charged for operating a football pool totaling $50 at an Elks Lodge. The law takes effect Jan. 1.

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