Can UCLA Win?

Pity the poor newspaper columnists who gets a call from his editor saying, "do something interesting on the USC/UCLA game." You really have two choices, go into the rivalry's history or try to make a case that it could be a game this year. We're not sure why anyone would choose the latter, but Jeff Miller at the OC Register did.

Still, it could happen and here's one reason why: UCLA can play defense, tremendously. Here's another reason why: USC can play offense, tenuously.

The Trojans aren't going to win another Heisman Trophy this year. Reggie Bush still plays for the Saints. Matt Leinart still doesn't for the Cardinals.

This offense drones more than it dazzles, churning out yards and points between stretches of flat, indifferent performance.

Back here in reality, USC's offense may not need to score because its defense should come up with at least 14 points on turnovers all by itself. Have you seen the UCLA offense? The USC defense?

Miracles do happen, but the Coliseum is not Lourdes.

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