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Chargers’ Melvin Ingram On the Best Start of His Career

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The gritty Los Angeles Chargers defense has played with passion this season, with one man alongside Joey Bosa possibly on his way to making a Pro Bowl appearance.

Linebacker Melvin Ingram has 2.5 sacks heading into week 3, and he has shown how much he's mastered the new defense. Defensive coordinator Gus Bradley has raved about Ingram's intellect and passion for the game. While Ingram and the defense see Bradley as an Obi-Wan Kenobi, soaking up his every word.

"He's a players coach, he knows how to communicate with us," Ingram said of Bradley. "He's a great coach, he's know how to break it down for us in simple terms for us to make plays."

Ingram enjoys playing at StubHub Center, and has the second highest productivity of any edge rusher in the NFL.

"I feel like everyone (on this team) is motivated. It doesn't take one person to motivate the group," Ingram said on Friday.

Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn has been thoroughly impressed with Ingram thus far.

"He's a heck of a player. He gives you everything he's got every play," Lynn said. "He's stepping up and becoming a leader."

Ingram studies the game intensely every week, and understand the importance of a win for the Bolts and how to obtain it.

The Chargers have not started their season they way they envisioned, but they have an opportunity to pick up a victory Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

"We just have to come out and cancel every aspect of their offense, whether it's the run or the pass," Ingram said.

Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith has been known to beat teams with his arm, but lately he's tried to beat teams with his legs. The Chargers defense will have their work cut out for them, and Ingram doesn't seem phased by Smith.

"We just have to rush the quarterback consistently. That's it," Ingram said.

Beside being a top notch linebacker, Ingram introduced us to his other passion, which is music. Many athletes turned artists have come and gone. Los Angeles Lakers legend Shaquille O'Neal made his mark in the rap world, and many years later other athletes such as Pittsburgh Steelers RB Le'Von Belle and Portland Trail Blazers guard Damien Lillard (aka Dame Dolla) released projects.

Unlike those athletes, Ingram is also a producer. The Roc Nation represented artist has co-production credit on his latest EP "Reap What You Sow.”

The preparation Ingram puts in on the football field is matched is his studio sessions. He's all about representing his “Lifestyle,” which happens to be the lead single off of his EP.

"All of the prep, passion and intensity is all of that when you're putting your heart into something. It's all the same. My music speaks for itself," he said. "I feel like I'm the most talented athlete in music, period."

Ingram's favorite quarterback to sack is everyone who's on the Bolts’ schedule this season. He is off to the best start of his career, and the balance that he displays on and off the field, is a sure sign of great things to come for Ingram’s lifestyle.

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