Clippers Finally Catch a Break

It was a long season for your Los Angeles Clippers, but it was even longer for Zach Randolph. In addition to being one of the many on the team who missed time due to an injury, Randolph had his troubles both on and off the court. It appears now that the off-the-court trouble will be less than was originally expected.

Randolph was stopped under suspicion of driving while intoxicated back on April 6th, and was arrested after failing field sobriety tests. He was suspended two games by the team for the incident, but thanks perhaps to the stylings of a talented attorney, TMZ is reporting that Randolph will now be facing a reduced charge.

Zach Randolph -- the Los Angeles Clipper who was busted for DUI a few weeks back -- has just dodged a bullet, thanks to the magic of his lawyer, Blair Berk.

Randolph has just been charged with one count of misdemeanor reckless driving -- not DUI. And we thought only Lakers caught breaks like that.

It's true that the Clippers don't seem to catch many breaks in this town, but is the franchise really dodging that much of a bullet here? Randolph was still out driving around with some level of alcohol in his system, regardless of what the legal system allowed the charge to get reduced to.

The bottom line is, all this will do is save Randolph a little bit of cash on his auto insurance. Just because he technically didn't take the DUI rap, that doesn't mean that the organization is off the hook for trading for a questionable character guy in the first place.

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