Clippers Win Double Overtime Thriller in Portland

The Clippers have had their troubles this season with closing out games, losing more than a few games that they were in a prime position to win with poor play down the stretch. But that team was nowhere to be found in Portland, as L.A. stunned a pretty good Blazers team in double overtime, 120-112.

Zach Randolph began his career in portland, and while the fans booed him off and on throughout the game, it didn't seem to affect his performance. Randolph had a monster night, and finished with 38 points and 11 rebounds. He admitted afterwards that he may have had a little extra something against his former club.

"I played here, so it definitely is motivating to try and get the win," he said. "Plus, we needed the win anyway."

While Randolph's steady play helped the Clippers stay close, it was Baron Davis who made it possible for the team to get the win. With the Clippers trailing by three and the game clock winding down, Baron hit a tough three-pointer to tie the game and send it to its first overtime. That's the kind of shot Davis has been taking in crunch time recently, and it finally went down for him tonight. Davis still had a mostly atrocious night shooting, hitting just 11 of his 29 shot attempts. But he did finish with 27 points and six assists, so it's possible that coming through in the clutch isn't something that can be measured.

The Clippers likely caught Portland in just the right spot. The Blazers were coming off of a nationally televised road game the night before, one in which they were beaten soundly by a Utah Jazz team that the Blazers felt were their equal. After a disappointing loss like that, it was likely tough to get up for a home game against the lowly, four-win Clippers, who were able to take advantage of the situation by changing that "4" in the win column to a "5."

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