Dodger Fans Ready To Cheer; Not Hypocrites

Forgiveness and condoning an action are two different things.

Make no mistake, Manny Ramirez is going to hear it from the San Diego fans tonight everytime he comes to the plate tonight in San Diego. But mixed in with that will be the cheers of a number of Dodger faithful who have made the trip south. On July 16, when Manny walks to the plate at Dodger Stadium, the ovation will be thunderous.

Los Angeles is the city of second chances — we forgive quickly, both personal mistakes and professional. Look, if John Travolta can come back and be loved, anyone can.

But there will be media members jumping all over Dodger fans for this: “Hey, you booed Barry Bonds, now you cheer Manny?”

They miss the point. First, forgiveness and condoning an action are two different things. People understand that.

And of course Bonds got booed — he was the star player of the rival San Francisco Giants. He was a polarizing figure before the steroid allegations. Dodger fans don’t need much of a reason to boo a Giants star, and they were all over Bonds ahead of the steroid scandal.

But, before the suspension, Manny had done nothing but earn the love of Dodger fans. His laid-back attitude fits the city perfectly. So he is already forgiven.

And he will feel the love from Los Angeles.

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