Dodgers 2015 Schedule Released

The players will be happy there's no foreign travel on the books for next season

No, the Los Angeles Dodgers won't be starting next season in Australia, Japan, Siberia or any other random country Major League Baseball thinks is a good idea to include in the most important day of "America's Pastime."

Major League Baseball has unveiled the 2015 schedule, and on Opening Day April 6 the club will be where they should be: Dodger Stadium, a.k.a. Lasorda's lair, a.k.a. hardball's historic home on the hill.

As a matter of fact, here's my suggestion to new commissioner Rob Manfred: Institute a new mandate that the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs and Dodgers open each season at home. They play in the three oldest, most storied stadiums in the game. Baseball loves historic context. It's why rebels like me still think of it as "America's Pastime." The grandfathers of the game, Fenway Park, Wrigley Field and Dodger Stadium, should get their day of reverence not only so fans can marvel at how they've aged gracefully, but for their stories to be preserved long after they're gone.

But, I digress.

The Dodgers will open and close the 2015 season with a three-game home series against the San Diego Padres. They'll take on the rival San Francisco Giants for the first time AT&T Park on April 21 for a three-game series.

It's all AL West interleague home schedule for the Dodgers. Seattle goes to LA from April 13-15, the Texas Rangers from June 17-18 Oakland from July 28-29.

The, now relevant, Freeway Series with the Angels will have two installments next year. The Angels go to Dodger Stadium from July 31-Aug. 2. The Dodgers then take the ride down I-5 for a three-game set Sept. 7-9 at Angels Stadium.

The regular season wraps up Oct. 4 at Dodger Stadium against the Padres.

Other notes: the 86th All-Star Game will take place July 14th at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. And, baseball will stay with tradition and honor Jackie Robinson Day on Wednesday, April 15th.

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