Dodgers, Manny Need Each Other

The landscape for sluggers changed dramatically Wednesday. Bobby Abreu signed a one-year deal with the Angels, at $5 million plus incentives. Adam Dunn signed a two-year deal with the Nationals, worth $20 million.

That leaves just the Dodgers and Manny Ramirez standing out on the dance floor.

Both sides could try to spin today’s developments as being in their favor. The Dodgers can note that the two big sluggers realized that they needed to take less money and fewer years than they had hoped because of the economic climate. The Dodgers can also note that the only other two teams willing to pay much of anything for a slugger still are no longer buying. Scott Boras and Team Manny can note that the Dodgers two fallback plans are gone and the Dodgers have no choice to pay up for Manny now or risk going into the season without a much-needed big bat.

It’s just time for all of this to end. Both sides are right — both sides really have just one option left. Each other. Manny is going to have to take less years than he may have originally wanted, the Dodgers need to pay the man that not only pushes runs across the plate but puts butts in the seats.

Everyone sees how the story plays out. No mystery teams are swooping in. Just get the deal done, both of you, and let all of us move on. Pitchers and catchers report Friday and we just want to think about baseball. Not negotiations.

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