Dodgers May Have New Left Fielder: Kobe Bryant

While Kobe Bryant may idolize Michael Jordan, he apparently did not learn from MJ’s mistakes. He thinks he can play baseball.

"Put me in left field and I'd run it all down. I'm faster than Manny," Bryant said before adding he'd like to bat third. "I want the clutch situations. Put me in that pressure spot."

And if the Dodgers are still looking for help in the bullpen, Lakers forward Lamar Odom said he could be the team's closer.

"I'm a big, tall lefty that can get it about 80 to 85 mph with a mean hook," said Odom, who stands 6 feet, 10 inches. "I've got a natural curveball."

Easy rider, go-with-the-flow Lamar Odom is the antithesis of what you want in a closer. However, he is a lefty with a bad shoulder, that should be worth $5 million a season in the MLB these days.

As for Kobe, sure, he was joking around. But do you have any doubt he could walk out there tomorrow and be a better fielder than Manny Ramirez? Me neither.

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