Even On Road, Lakers Hang With Denzel

The Lakers cannot get away from Denzel Washington.

A fixture at Staples Center — where during the end of game two he used the media room bathroom so he wouldn’t miss a minute of the action — Washington has followed the Lakers on the road.

To help the Lakers get their minds off basketball for a couple hours and just relax, Wednesday night Phil Jackson took the team to see “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3,” Washington’s new thriller where John Travolta hijacks a New York subway. You know you’re tightly wound when a hijacking helps you relax.

No secret messages were hidden in the film — this was about escape. The Lakers have been a hyper-focused, intense team during the Finals. It’s quite a change from the team’s lightheartedness during the season.

Being serious is hard work. The Lakers need a break from it now and again. So Jackson provided a few hours of diversion, a chance for the team to bond and watch a film that doesn’t involve defending Hedo Turkoglu. There will be plenty of time for that tonight.

And if Jackson’s trick worked, a more focused Lakers team will be on the doorstep of destiny.

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