Angels Playing with Fire on Mark Teixeira Offer

The Angels front office likes to hang their hat on getting free agent deals done in a swift and efficient fashion. The signings of Vladimir Guerrero and Torii Hunter are two examples to illustrate the point. They don't often get caught up in bidding wars, and instead usually just move on if they have to.

Well, they traded for Mark Teixeira this past season and would love to have him anchoring the infield for the foreseeable future. He's also a Scott Boras client. Boras is likely already in the process of lining up bidders, which will most certainly include the Yankees. I don't think the Angels can treat this situation the same way they have in the past, but they apparently intend to.

(General Manager Tony) Reagins said he has spoken with Boras but has no meeting set with him at this week's meeting of general managers in Dana Point. Reagins said he has not made an offer to Teixeira but said the Angels might submit a bid and ask for a prompt response "over the course of the next couple of weeks."

So they want a prompt response? From Scott Boras? Good luck with that. Once he gets that bid, it's getting shopped to every major market team in baseball, and even a few smaller market teams who may want to make a splash this offseason (the article mentioned the Washington Nationals and Baltimore Orioles).

Said Reagins: "There will come a time when we have to know one way or the other."

Well, tread lightly, my friend. Because if the offer and timing aren't perfect for Boras, you'll know ... and the answer will not be positive.


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