Angels Throw in the Mark Teixeira Towel, Withdraw Their Offer

The Mark Teixeira derby seems to have had a horse come up lame, as the Angels have withdrawn their offer to Teixeira, according to Ken Rosenthal. The Angels offer was reportedly competitive with the others that were out there, at eight years and $160 million, but either they must know something that we don't about Mark's leanings, or they're just plain tired of waiting for Scott Boras to wrap up the dog and pony show.

Or, there's that whole "posturing" theory that's been out there for other negotiations, such as Teixeira's dealings with Boston. But there's no room for interpretation when an offer goes completely off the table. When you think about it, the Angels still couldn't get out of the first round with Teixeira on their team. And that's not to blame him because the Angels losing certainly wasn't his fault, but how much is too much when it comes to bringing back a guy that certainly didn't prove to be the difference maker he was made out to be?

If the Angels don't get back in this at some point (and my money says no but I thought the Dodgers were going to win the Series last season so what good is my money), some fans will certainly rue the day that Casey Kotchman was traded for a two months of Teixeira.

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