Baron Davis Must Really Love L.A.

Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Timesdove into the bad start the Clippers have offered. As the columnist tells it, the problem's a struggle between improvisationist Baron Davis and choreographer Mike Dunleavy. Baron wants to make it up as he goes; Dunleavy wants to call every play.

But this was a predictable problem, yes? The age-old spat between Dunleavy and Corey Maggette had to do (in part) with Maggette's freelancing. (Defense and minutes were also major factors.) Davis, on the other hand, thrived in Don Nelson's free jazz experiment at Golden State. Why wasn't this figured out in October? Well, Dunleavy's dictatorial ways are apparently news to Davis.

[D]idn't [Davis know that Dunleavy was the anti-Nellie? "I had no idea," Davis said.

No idea? No research into your future boss? No examination of how you would fit into his rigid system? "That really didn't matter to me," Davis said. "I just knew I would be coming home."

This is a problem. In his quotes to Plaschke, Davis isn't even offering up the "I will listen to the coach" -- he's talking about compromise and Dunleavy having to "figure out how to relax his grip." More post-dated research for Boom: Dunleavy will not figure out how to relax his grip ... not at this point. Boat's gone, Holmes.

And it isn't as if Davis will be forcing Dunleavy out should things get worse. The coach is also the GM, and owner Donald Sterling is committed enough to Dunleavy that Elgin Baylor got written out of the script years ago and kicked out of the building in embarrassingly tasteless fashion weeks ago. You might sell tickets and popcorn, Boom, but Dunleavy will direct the show. It's unfortunate for Clippers fans and basketball aesthetes, but Baron's going to be the compromised. (By the way, the column came out Wednesday morning. You know both read it. In Wednesday night's embarrassing loss against Sacramento, Davis got destroyed by Beno Udrih. Beno Udrih! This is not going to end well.)

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