CC Sabathia Says He Wants to Play for the Dodgers, the Dodgers Dutifully Take Notice

Since it's become apparent that CC Sabathia would be a free agent this winter, speculation around the big left-hander has been that no matter how much money the Yankees offer him and no matter how much he professes to love his two adopted homes in the midwest, he'd eventually take an offer from a West Coast team because he's a Californian at heart. Interestingly, only the Angels seemed truly interested in the inside track that the best left-handed starter in baseball seemed to be offering them. Well, until Monday.

In my time here at FanHouse, I've accused Ned Colletti of a lot of bad things, but at least the guy can take a hint. Some time in between meetings with the Yankees, Red Sox, and Brewers in Las Vegas, Sabathia found time to single out the Dodgers' GM and tell him point-blank that he wanted to play for the Dodgers. Armed with that new knowledge, it looks like the Dodgers are going to join the fray with the Yankees, Brewers, and whoever else for the services of Sabathia. So much for subtlety.

Could the Sabathia saga really, honestly, truly be so simple? That after a month of the Yankees pressuring him to take their ginormous offer while the Brewers contstantly restructure their deal to the big man's likings, that he just points to Ned Colletti and says, "Make me a Dodger," and it happens? I can't imagine that's all there is to it (if it is, why does he have an agent?), but hey, it's worth a shot for Colletti and the Dodgers.

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