Chad Billingsley Slips on Ice, Breaks Leg

This winter was already figuring to be a long one for the Los Angeles Dodgers. A big chunk of their NL West champion ball club figures to be headed elsewhere in the next six weeks or so, led by Manny Ramirez, Rafael Furcal, and Derek Lowe.

One setback they weren't couting on? Their ace slipping on an icy step in Pennsylvania and breaking his leg. Unfortunately for them, that's just what Chad Billingsley did over the weekend.

Now, it doesn't appear that Billingsley's been hurt too badly (they say that his offseason throwing program won't be compromised at all), so I think that means that we're in the clear to play my favorite offseason game. It's called, "What Was He Really Doing?"

Now, it's possible that Billingsley slipped on ice and broke his leg. But it was also possible that Jeff Kent broke his wrist washing his truck and that Clint Barmes broke his collarbone tripping over his groceries.

Was it a family football game in anticipation of Thanksgiving? Was it something far more sinister? Or was it just what he said it was? Whatever the case, the Dodgers are expecting a six-week recovery and no missed time for Billingsley.

This seems like it could've been much, much worse, so everyone is more than a little lucky here. The Dodgers likely have the talent in the minors to help fill the gaps their free agents are going to create, but freak winter injuries take a toll that's much harder to quantify.

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