Clippers Copy ‘Dunk on Oden' Bet, Fail

Drawing inspiration from Kevin Martin's successful $1,000 bet with Mikki Moore on who could dunk on Greg Oden first, Ricky Davis challenged three Clippers youngsters to "get Oden," according to Lisa Dillman of the Los Angeles Times. The troika -- Eric Gordon, Al Thornton and DeAndre Jordan -- failed. In fact, Davis is rethinking his strategy.

"I should have bet it the other way around. If he dunked on somebody else, I would have won."

Oden ended up with 12 points, several of which I imagine came on dunks of various ferocity. At some point -- like, today -- Oden's going to get angry at hearing about these bets. It's a sign of respect to some degree; players did this sort of thing when Yao Ming entered the league. But Oden's a sensitive cat, and he can't like knowing everyone's out to get him.

Before too long, Oden might compose a hit list of folks he will dunk on. And dare I say that's frightful consequence $500 or $1,000 can't fix.

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