Dodger Fans Decide That Policemen Look Better Drenched in Beer

I really wanted an NWA lyric in that headline, but "Drench the Po-lice" just doesn't really fly. Anyway, what you're about to see is a video that TMZ (naturally) got -- via Big League Stew -- from a fan who watched a little altercation in the stands at a Dodgers game.

What you will see is the cops come in, trying to get a few fans or two and take them out of that section, immediately followed by someone throwing their beer at one of the cops, who turns around and mumbles something sexually explicit about the beer chunkers mother (I'm pretty sure I can read that). Then things get spicy.

The lesson, as always, is that if you're going to drink at a sporting event, do it in quiet alcoholic solitude. And, at all costs, avoiding alerting cops to your drunken presence. (Never, ever slap them on the back and sing your team's fight song or throw beer on them. Trust me.)

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