Juan Pierre to Dodgers: Play Me or Trade Me

The Dodgers have a lot of decisions to make this winter. Do we resign Manny Ramirez? Should we give Andruw Jones another shot in the lineup? How can we make Juan Pierre more comfortable?

Huh? Pierre, thief of 40 bases and several millions of dollars, isn't happy that the Dodgers decided to fill their outfield with others this season. He's so unhappy that he had his agent make a public plea to make sure that he and his 70 OPS+ don't suffer the indignity of sitting behind better players again in 2009.

"The team has gone in a different direction since it signed him. He has no hard feelings toward anybody. But his preference would be a trade to a team with more playing time than he currently gets. He'll drop any no-trade clause he has to make that happen. Maybe there's a better fit...Playing once in a while is not in the best interests of the Dodgers or Juan."

Well, not in Juan's best interests, anyway.

It's not the no-trade clause that's holding things up. Pierre is owed $28.5 million over the next three years, an awful lot of scratch for a player who shouldn't be more than a pinch runner at the major league level. Japan might be a better fit for him, they seem to produce a lot of speedy slap hitters. Or, perhaps, he should heed the advice given to Benjamin Braddock 40 years ago.


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