Scott Boras Makes New Year's Resolution to Find Homes for Manny and Derek

Scott Boras isn't taking New Year's Eve off. Oh no, not while there's commission to be made. Boras is currently experiencing a mixed bag of news with top clients Derek Lowe and Manny Ramirez.

Lowe has received a three-year, $36 million offer from the Mets ... and while that would be good news for most people, the offer isn't quite the Zito-type contract Boras had hoped for at the beginning of the winter meetings, but at least he has an offer unlike a certain dreadlocked left fielder. And to that end, Boras has contracted the Dodgers about signing Manny ... no doubt responding to Ned Colletti's newfound affection for guys like Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu, which may or may not be a way to lure Boras back on their terms.

And that's how you know this has been a strange winter. Boras must be used to teams coming to him for his cavalcade of stars. And now, he's practically begging the Dodgers to come back to the table for Manny, who must be confused as to why he hasn't gotten the large offers he expected when he tore apart the N.L. for close to three months. Of course, if he would pick up a newspaper and read the front page and not the back (that's what my mom would always tell me to do), he'd see the word "economy" and then totally understand ... maybe.

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