The BCS Nightmare to End All Nightmares: Texas Wins Big Tonight

In just a few hours, the University of Texas will take the field against the Ohio State Buckeyes in a made-for-TV matchup of top-tier schools.

The Longhorns are 11-1 and were left out of the BCS National Championship game, mostly because Oklahoma ran off some big wins at the end of the season, and the Longhorns lost later than Oklahoma did. Ohio State comes in at 10-2, a team that probably got in the game more because of their name than their talent.

What is at stake? Well, if you are one of those calling for an end to the BCS, here is your dream scenario -- Texas blows out Ohio State.

The Longhorns move to 12-1, with wins over Oklahoma, Ohio State, Missouri, Oklahoma State and Kansas. For the BCS committee, nothing could be more dreadful.

What am I getting at? With a Texas win, four teams could end this 2008-09 season with legitimate national championship resumes.

First, you'd have the BCS winner. If Florida takes the title they would be 14-1, with big wins over Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and Florida State. We would be talking about the SEC champion and default national champions, even if the SEC had a down year by its lofty standards.


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The biggest problem? Utah, who finished its season undefeated, also beat Alabama, along with TCU and BYU.

Now USC jumps in the picture. A big win against Penn State in the Rose Bowl has the Trojans, who their head coach proclaimed to be as good as anyone in the nation, at 12-1. Along with Penn State, Southern Cal beat up on Notre Dame, Oregon, California, UCLA and Arizona.

The final player are those pesky Longhorns. The team that never got a chance could have another huge win tonight over a team with an amazing head coach, an even better history and a fan base that is sure to make it tough on Colt McCoy and company (trust me, just down the road from my apartment in Scottsdale, Buckeye Nation is doing exactly what you'd expect them to be doing right now).

Utah, Southern California, Texas, and Oklahoma or Florida.

If you're looking for the BCS to die, you might only have to wait just a few hours. If Texas rolls, Bevo and company might be responsible for breaking this flawed system's back.

Tell me this: Who wouldn't be excited for a four-team playoff with this group of teams? If you want change, cheer for Mack Brown tonight. If you do so, the BCS might die with the potential 2009 split national championship.

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