The Manny Mobile is Officially Coming to a Town Near You

You knew it was coming. And Manny Ramirez wasted no time in filing for free agency on Thursday, along with other big names such as Mark Teixeira and Ben Sheets.

Manny, as well he should, will most likely have the most "buzz" surrounding him this off-season with his game changing Bondsian aura at the plate, and his quirkiness away from it. The Dodgers will no doubt make a huge push to retain his services, and although Ned Colletti has shot down a report which had Dodger Blue offering Manny close to $60 million for two seasons of his services, that seems to be the best way to go for club and player. A short deal would lessen the impact of Manny should he decide to be the petulant Manny from his final days as a Red Sock, and it would allay fears about his advancing age. The extra money is a good way to make it up to Manny for giving up long term security.

We know how Manny's agent, Scott Boras, thinks. And that would probably mean that while a good start, there would have to be some more years involved. But we also know that Manny's mind works a bit unconventionally. To that end, Los Angeles might be the perfect place for Manny. And no, I don't mean that L.A. is full of strange characters like Manny, but L.A. is a town diverse enough for Manny to get lost in ... a stark contrast to the fishbowl that Boston was that seemed to turn Manny off from the beginning, and that New York might be if the Yankees make a play for him. So it isn't a stretch to guess that Manny might take a shorter, yet richer deal to stay in L.A. and continue the love affair between Manny and the West Coast.

But that's the beauty of free agency. The next 15 days will likely bring 15 more guesses.

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