Tom Brady to Appear on Entourage

Tom Brady might not be the most outgoing celebrity in the world, but he is still one of the most famous and popular, which is particularly impressive considering that he's an athlete.

Of course, that status affords him many fantastic things, such as a marriage to Gisele Bunchden. And, apparently, an appearance on HBO's popular show Entourage. (Via Littmann at FirstCuts.)

The handsome football star is set to appear on the next season of HBO's Entourage, which will film next week in Los Angeles.

"He will be playing himself at a celebrity golf tournament," a HBO publicist tells E! News.

Some folks (lots of them, actually) might debate the actual popularity of Entourage which, despite its entertainment factor, doesn't provide a whole lot in terms of "plot" or "storyline." But, people still watch it and the show has turned "Vincent Chase" into a bigger star than Adrian Grenier.

Brady's certainly not the first athlete-celeb to make an appearance playing golf;Phil Mickelson stopped in for an episode when he wasplaying the role of expensive golf coach last season.

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