USC Defies NCAA, Reclaims Tradition Wearing Home Uniforms Against Rival UCLA

We've spoken about thisbefore on FanHouse, but at long last the day has arrived -- USC has announced it will wear its home uniform on the road against rival UCLA on Saturday. UCLA will also, obviously, be in their home uniforms. Maddeningly, the beautiful interplay of rival colors with so much history behind it is an NCAA violation and USC will lose a timeout in each half as penalty for its disobedience.

I'm all for following the rules but this is one of dozens of stupid rules in the NCAA books and I'm happy to see USC carry the flag if you will, in boldly disobeying one of the more ridiculous legislated items out there.

College football has always held a special place in my heart for its more relaxed sensibilities. Uniforms aren't so strictly regulated, players can be silly and write on their eye black, celebration and spontaneity isn't so heavily repressed. It's just a more fun and open atmosphere for athletic competition.

USC's decision will make for great television, as the color combinations are aesthetically pleasing. The mix of USC's vibrant cardinal and bright gold shows great against UCLA's "powder keg" blue and more traditional gold home uniforms. And it will also add an extra layer of excitement and energy to one of college football's premier rivalries. Hopefully UCLA reciprocates by burning a timeout here or there and then wears their home colors next year in the Coliseum.

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