What Game 2 Means for the Dodgers

There's an old adage that a playoff series never starts until each team plays a home game. The Dodgers better hope that's true because since taking a 2-0 lead into the sixth inning of the first game of this NLCS, they've gotten blown off the field by the Phillies. No one wants to fall into a 2-0 hole against anyone, much less a streaking Phillie team that's playing its best baseball of the year.

How bad are things going in LA right now? Brett Myers has as many hits in this series than Manny Ramirez. After Derek Lowe's breakdown in Game 1, Chad Billingsley laid a stinkbomb on the mound in Game 2 and now it's up to Hiroki Kuroda to keep this series from going to 3-0. That's a pretty precipitous drop from destroying the Cubs and becoming a chic World Series pick.

And yet, it's not over. The back end of the Phillies' rotation (Jamie Moyer and Joe Blanton) is not great and with a win tomorrow in Game 3, a 2-1 deficit is seems way more manageable than a 2-0 or 3-0 whole. Losing two on the road isn't the end of the world for anyone, and if Kuroda can give the Dodgers a strong start in Game 3, the 2-0 hole they're in right now will be forgotten pretty quickly.

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