For $12 Million Dollars, You Can Name the Field at Dodger Stadium

The Los Angeles Dodgers are reportedly willing to sell the naming rights to their field at Chavez Ravine for $12 million dollars.

The NBC Field at Dodger Stadium has a nice ring to it.

Do you happen to have $12 million dollars lying around? If you do, you can name the field at Dodger Stadium.

According to the Sports Business Daily, the Dodgers have had the naming rights to the field at the third oldest stadium in Major League Baseball up for sale since early Spring with an asking price of $12 million.

Commercialism is no stranger to the sports world, initially starting with huge brand signage at NASCAR races, to stadiums, and now on to NBA jerseys starting in the 2017 season.

After the announcment on Monday that the naming rights were available, Dodger fans across the globe began to react, or overreact to the news via social media. 

At first, a bevy of fans believed that the Dodgers were selling the naming rights to the actual stadium, similar to the Staples Center, in downtown LA and the StubHub Center in Carson. 

However, the Dodgers made it clear that the stadium itself would remain Dodger Stadium, and just the naming rights for the field would be for sale. Therefore, if a company were to pony up the $12 million necessary it would go something like this, [Insert Name Here] Field at Dodger Stadium.


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Some fans who frequently flock to Chavez Ravine don't like the idea of selling the rights to naming the field. Those opponents believe it is the beginning of a slippery slope that could eventually lead to the naming of the stadium, advertisements on the uniforms, and eventually, the corporate name of the team itself like the New York Red Bulls of Major League Soccer.

Proponents of the naming of the field would like to see a rich billionaire who bleeds Dodger Blue to fork over the $12 million to name it Vin Scully Field or Jackie Robinson Field.

For now, the naming rights to the field that is played on Santa Ana Bermudagrass are still up for grabs as the Dodgers themselves are ironically wrapping up a two-game series at "Guaranteed Rate Field," in Chicago.

If the name of the White Sox Field is any indication of what could come at Dodger Stadium, perhaps they should just let sleeping dog's lie.

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