Showtime Takes Crack at Giants Reality Show: Report

Giants headed for reality TV?

Although the McCourt's divorce may feel like a reality show, one NL West team may actually be heading to the small screen.

Showtime is talking about a Giants reality show similar to HBO's Hard Knocks, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Producer Mike Tollin -- known for his sports work on ESPN's "30 for 30," "Varsity Blues" and "Bonds on Bonds" -- is currently in early talks with the cable network, according to the EW report.

If there's any team custom built for a reality show, it's certainly the Giants.

Closer Brian Wilson says he is secretly a ninja. During last year's victory parade, Aubrey Huff ripped off his "victory thong" and hoisted it above his head. The team even has a splash of "The Biggest Loser," as Pablo Sandoval is desperately trying to shed some extra pounds this offseason.

And let's not forget Barry Zito's uncle is actor Patrick Duffy -- who wouldn't love that cameo?

With all that built-in drama, Showtime could definitely have a homerun on its hands. However, if this reality show thing doesn't pan out, what's it going to take to get a Timmy cameo on "Weeds"? Now that we would watch.

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