Help Our Olympians #go4gold With Your Tweets

Use the hashtag "#go4gold" on Twitter to wish them well and @NBCLA will retweet the best ones

With the London 2012 Olympic Games taking place July 27 through Aug. 12, we wanted a way to let our Olympians know we're all rooting for them.

Hence, the Twitter hashtag #go4gold.

If you want send a go-get-'em, good-luck-Team-USA message to our Olympians, just be sure to add #go4gold to your tweets.

@NBCLA will retweet our favorite well wishes, and you can follow the whole conversation here.

Don't be afraid to include a Twitpic (or Instagram photo) with your tweet (bonus points for wearing red, white and blue).

So let our Olympians know SoCal will be watching, cheering, hoping and rooting for them to do their best and bring some medals back home!

Oh, and we've put together a list of our local SoCal Olympians, so you can send some support to our local athletes, too.

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