Green Will Not Be Suspended For Suspicious Kick: Report

According to reports, Golden State Warrior forward Draymond Green will not be suspended for his kick to the private area of Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams in Game 3 Sunday:

The NBA investigated the kick made by Green, an integral piece of the team. According to ESPN reporter Marc Stein, "Draymond Green's foul has been upgraded to a Flagrant Foul 2 and he will be fined, sources say. No suspension."

Russell Westbrook of the Thunder, along with several analysts and former athletes, said they thought the kick and its destination were definitely on purpose, mostly because of how strange the leg motion was. It was a Karate Kid-style kick going straight up between Adams' legs after the whistle. 

However, Green said it was in no way his intention and that he was just trying to sell the call.

Several analysts believed Green wasn't being entirely truthful, but maybe this is the evidence the NBA used to make their decision:

Looks like Green does this style kick a lot. Just happened to be that this time, Adams' private parts was in the way of Greens’ foot.

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