Hilfiger Redesigns Lakers Unis

The designer takes the Lakers' uniforms back to the Showtime era (read: short-shorts)

 Maybe he was bored, maybe ESPN is launching its own style network, we can't say for sure.

But what is certain is that one of America's top designers, Tommy Hilfiger, has put his signature touch on four of sports' most classic uniforms: the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, Montreal Canadiens and your Los Angeles Lakers.

Some would say don't mess with greatness -- after all, how can you deface classics like the Yankees' "NY" emblem or the Dallas star? But ESPN thought it would be a nice addition to its magazine's first-ever "style issue."

Hilfiger's designs and his explanations for them are featured in the magazine, on newsstands Wednesday.

The Lakers' "new look" features a throwback to the days of Kareem and Magic by -- how else? -- bringing back the short-shorts. He told ESPN that the overall design of the uniform reflects the Tommy Hilfiger brand's classic sailing style.

There are no plans for the chic sportswear to make its way onto the hardwood or playing field. But with a brand like Hilfiger, you never know what will pop up at the department stores.

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