7-Foot High School Senior Dwarfs Players on Football Field

Riverside's King High School has a standout football player in John Krahn - and it's not just about how he performs on the field.

Standing at a hulking 7 feet and 440 pounds, the senior lineman, who goes by Junior, dwarfs players who line up against him.

If his size isn't intimidating enough (think roughly the size of Shaquille O'Neal), the mild-mannered senior says he goes through a transformation on game day.

"I look mean, I'm just angry at everybody on the field," he says. "They run away from me when I try to go block them."

But it's not always fun having big physical dimensions. Riding the team bus can be difficult.

"I sit by myself because I have to sit sideways, because my knees don't fit," he says.

Because of his size, Krahn wasn't able to play football until he got to high school. Now that he's suiting up in an XXXXL jersey and size 18 cleats, he's enjoying every minute of it.

"I come out here with the crowd, they're looking at you, they want to love you," he says. "Then you come out here pancaking people, you're just putting people on the floor and you're just having a good time."

The one thing he says would make it even sweeter would be to have a running play for him. So far the coaches aren't buying in.

"They just laugh," he says.

Krahn has stuck to what he's best suited for: the line. He's learning technique, and getting strong, leaner and faster.

"It's still a work in progress," says Krahn's coach, Kevin Corridan. "We don't know what the future is, but we know that the future is bright."

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