Kobe's Ex-Maid Wants To Tell All

Apparently the lawsuit Kobe Bryant’s ex-maid filed against him was just step one in her plans to embarrass the basketball star and his wife, and make a few bucks while doing so.

Kobe and his wife are locked in a legal battle with Maria Jimenez -- who just filed papers essentially asking for the green light so she can spill secrets about the Bryants to the media ... despite the fact she signed a confidentiality agreement with them when she was hired….

But Kobe's attorney tells us Jimenez is dreaming if she thinks the confidentiality agreement isn't binding. Attorney Doug Mirell says the agreement is solid as a rock.

Jimenez is suing Bryant and his wife saying she was abusive toward her, even making her dig into dog poop among other things. Bryant and his legal team are fighting the charges both in the courts and through the media. And so far, just like on the court, Bryant is winning more than he is losing.

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