The Dodgers' 32-Year World Series Title Wait Is Over, But the Celebration Is on Hold

In a statement, the team said a fan celebration will happen when it's deemed safe.

An aerial view of baseball fans attending a drive-in screening of Game 6.

In October 1988, the triumphant Los Angeles Dodgers were greeted by large crowds of fans who gathered in downtown Los Angeles for a parade following the team's World Series victory.

That was 32 years ago in a much different world.

We're still awaiting the next parade. So we're here to bring Dodgers fans back to the championship days of 1988 with some of the best moments from the World Series celebration.

Plans for some type of World Series title celebration are still in the works but it won’t look anything like that memorable sunny fall day. The team said in a statement Wednesday morning indicating that there will be a celebration.

“This season was everything we believed it could be,” the Dodgers said in a statement. “It was just missing one thing: The best fans in baseball. 

“While the wait for a World Championship is finally over, a celebration worthy of our great fans and the City of Los Angeles will unfortunately have to wait until it is safe to do so. We can’t wait to celebrate together!”

Los Angeles defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1 in a decisive Game 6 Wednesday night. The game included a surprise mid-game lineup change when third-baseman Justin Turner was pulled. 

After the game, the league commissioner announced that Turner had tested positive for COVID-19 before the game. 

Photos: After a 32-Year Wait, Dodgers Fans Celebrate a Night to Remember

Commissioner Rob Manfred said the league learned of the positive test during the game. Turner was immediately isolated to prevent spread, he said after presenting the championship trophy. 

Turner, 35, returned to the field after the game to celebrate with teammates. He said in a tweet Tuesday that he feels great. 

Major League Baseball instituted major changes this season to prevent the spread of coronavirus, including a shortened season, neutral-site bubbles and other safety precautions. Turner was the first player since the playoffs began to test positive. 

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