Lakers: Inside The Numbers

With the Los Angeles 27 games into the 2014-15 season, it's time to break down the statistics and get into the numbers.

With the Los Angeles Lakers playing their 28th game of the 2014-15 season on Tuesday, one-third of the Los Angeles Lakers' season will officially be over. As we are accustomed to do from time to time, decided to dive deep into the numbers to commemorate the occasion with some telling statistics.

23.1: The Los Angeles Lakers have been pitiful at home this season. While 5-9 may not be the best road record in the NBA, nine other NBA teams have worse records on the road. At home, however, the Lakers have lost 10 of 13 games, which calculates to a winning percentage of 23.1 percent. Only four teams have worse home records this season: Minnesota, New York, Detroit and Philadelphia. No coincidence, those are the four worst teams in the NBA based on overall record. The Lakers are fifth from the bottom.

61.1: The first third of the season featured constant conversation regarding Kobe Bryant's minutes. Along with leading the Lakers in points, Bryant leads the Lakers with 35.4 minutes per game and 2.3 miles per game. Bryant ranks 15th in the NBA in minutes per game, which seems wrong considering the worn out tread on the 19-year veteran's tires. Even less comprehensible is that Bryant has covered 61.1 miles over the first 27 games of the season. Wesley Johnson is second on that list with 54.4 miles covered. At the current rate, Bryant will cover 183.3 miles this season.

109.2: On average, the Lakers score 102.1 points per game. That number ranks 13th in the NBA. More importantly, the Lakers allow 109.2 points per game. That number ranks dead last. On the court, the first third of the season was defined by a porous Lakers' defense. Already at the bottom, playing against the hot shooting Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night probably won't help the Lakers' defensive averages.

18.3: Nick Young brings personality to the locker room, practice court and bench. Not just that, Young also brings efficiency to the Lakers. While Bryant has received worthy criticism for shooting 37.2 percent on the season, Young is shooting 41.5 percent from the field and 43.2 percent from three. Excluding Ryan Kelly, who has only played three games, Young has the highest Player Efficiency Rating on the Lakers at 18.3. Diving a bit deeper, Young shoots 41.3 percent from the field on pull up three pointers, which is probably his favorite shot. The numbers confirm that he's the best on the team at that particular shot.

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