Lakers Julius Randle Fined $15,000 for “Obscene Gesture”

Julius Randle celebrated his game-winning shot on Wednesday with an interesting dance that cost him $15,000

On Friday, the NBA announced that Los Angeles Lakers forward Julius Randle had been fined $15,000 for an "obscene gesture" he made with 1.9 seconds remaining in overtime of Wednesday's win over the Miami Heat.

So, what did the 21-year-old do exactly?

Well, Randle accepted the challenge of going one-on-one with Luol Deng of the Heat in a tie ball game and pulled off a spin move and made a difficult shot to give the Lakers the lead. Not surprisingly, Randle expressed joy at hitting what would eventually go down as the game winning shot.

Understandably, Randle ran back to the bench and expressed raw emotion. However, that raw emotion included pretending to hold two full size coconuts in front of his midsection. The NBA, obviously, believed Randle's dance had less to do with coconuts and more to do with pretending that he had giant testicles. Former NBA guard Sam Cassell made the dance famous, but the league has frowned upon this particular celebration for some time. When asked about his dance and the possible fine after the game on Wednesday, Randle offered a smile but refused to comment.

After being dinged with a $15,000 fine, though, Randle appeared to still be in strong spirits at Friday's practice. He did not exactly express remorse, though he did have 15,000 reasons to celebrate in a different manner the next time around.

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