Lakers' Nick Young Apparently Denies Sexual Harassment Claim

Los Angeles Lakers players Nick Young denied that he sexually harassed a woman in Hollywood on Sunday night

Los Angeles Lakers Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson have been singled out by a woman claiming that the pair of basketball players sexually harassed her and her mother at a stop light in Hollywood on Sunday evening.

Alexis Jones, who works as an activist with professional sports groups to stop sexual harassment, claimed that the two Lakers were part of a crew of people in a car that began making "inappropriate," "sexual" and "disgusting" gestures at her mother.

Jones then recorded the jeep as it drove away, though none of the alleged harassment made the video.

A source familiar with the players' side of the event told that the incident derived from a rude gesture first made by one of the women in Jones' vehicle after a routine traffic misunderstanding. However, the source downplayed the incident and expressed shock that it had created a firestorm. 

According to Mark Medina of the LA Daily News, a source familiar with Young’s thinking went so far as to say that the basketball player was considering filing suit, as the player denied claims of wrong doing.

On Monday evening, Young went on Twitter and apparently expressed his denial by stating, "Aye if you want some attention take a pic of me and say anything next to it and post. The world we live in."

Young would go on to delete that post, but the player hardly sounded apologetic or remorseful about the incident. On the contrary, the basketball player implied that Jones was simply seeking attention.

The Lakers have told multiple outlets that they are taking this incident "very seriously" but refusing to comment further until they collect all possible information. However, Lakers vice-president of public relations John Black spoke with Jones and apologized on behalf of the team, according to ESPN. Jones went on to say she had been 'inspired" by the team's response, though those quotes arrived prior to Young's deleted tweet and subsequent report of the player considering filing suit.

"I talked to my guys about it," Lakers coach Byron Scott said on Tuesday morning. "We know it's a very serious matter."

Scott added, "From this point on, the team will take care of it and figure it out. They're going to look into it, and we'll see what happens."

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