Westbrook's Triple-Double Overshadow's Kobe's Final Road Game

Kobe Bryant's final road game featured the Lakers trailing by as many as 42 points

OKLAHOMA CITY—The Oklahoma City Thunder routed the Los Angeles Lakers, 112-79, in what will likely be remembered more as the game where Russell Westbrook recorded a triple-double than Kobe Bryant's final road game.

Westbrook would steal the show with 11 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists in 18 first-half minutes, which was only one minute shy of the NBA record for the fastest triple-double—recorded back in 1955.

Bryant did not entirely offer a listless performance, as the 37-year-old continued his trend of scoring early. Bryant scored 13 points in the first quarter of Monday's game, which fell in line with the 14 points he scored in the opening quarter in New Orleans and the 15 points he scored in the opening quarter in Houston only one night earlier.

In all of his final three road games, Bryant sat the entire second quarter and required a bit of time to get his rhythm back after the half. On this occasion, Bryant's third quarter featured seven minutes and no points. With only one game remaining in his career, Bryant sat for the remainder of the game with his shoulder heavily wrapped.

Not helping matters, the Thunder jumped out to a 31-point lead in the third quarter to effectively kill off the game. In the fourth quarter, Oklahoma City cremated the Lakers' lifeless carcass by opening up a 43-point advantage. The Lakers never led at any stage.

Westbrook would finish with 13 points, 14 assists and 10 rebounds in 28 minutes of work, while Kevin Durant tabbed a game-high 34 points in 27 minutes.

Bryant would not return to the game, but the crowd displayed its appreciation by serenading the superstar with chants of "We Want Kobe!" and "Kobe! Kobe!" during the fourth quarter.

Notes: Bryant still finished as the Lakers' top scorer in the game. 

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