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Latest Dodgers Trade Updates: LA Loses Jay Bruce, Gets Josh Reddick and Rich Hill

The MLB trade deadline is less than an hour away and the Los Angeles Dodgers look to be major players on Monday. Here are the latest trade rumors and updates.

Updating a previous story we wrote regarding the top five trades the Los Angeles Dodgers could make at the deadline, we look at the latest news each one of the potential trades.

Reminder: The MLB trade deadline is 1:00PM PST.

1. Jay Bruce from Cincinnati Reds

UPDATE: The New York Mets and Cincinnati Reds agreed on a trade, but it is held up because of a physical with one of the Mets prospects. As of writing this, both teams are still trying to re-work the deal. 

The Dodgers were looking to acquire Bruce for Yasiel Puig, but the Reds did not want the Cuban outfielder in return. Instead, they were looking for at least two-three prospects in return. The always creative Andrew Friedman, tried to incorporate a third team in the Tampa Bay Rays to take Puig and return prospects to the Reds, but that deal apparently fell apart over the weekend.

2. Chris Sale or Jose Quintana from the Chicago White Sox


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UPDATE: The chances of Chris Sale being traded are reportedly "less than 5 percent." Red Sox are the favorites if he does move followed by the Dodgers.

Most experts predict that the Chicago White Sox will stand pat and not trade Sale or Quintana—which usually is a sign they will be traded.

However, what we do know is that Kenny Williams and General Manager Rick Hahn are looking for quite a haul in return for one of their aces. The only teams that can meet the South Side's demands? The Red Sox, Rangers, Nationals and Dodgers. 

As of Sunday, the Dodgers talks to land Sale had stalled, but as the clock continues to tick down to 1:00PM PST, those talks can easily pick back up again.

If LA is to pull off this trade, it will all come down to Julio Urias. The No. 1 pitching prospect in all of baseball, is a prize the Dodgers' front office wants to keep. Yet, if they want an ace now, Urias will have to go. According to reports, the White Sox would want not only Urias in a trade, but Jose De Leon as well.

The 19-year-old Mexican phenom is exactly the kind of player that the organization wants to retain long-term. He appeals to the fan base, he's destined to be a star, and he comes cheap and under team control for years to come. Do the Dodgers opt for a win-now strategy? Or do they stay the course. We believe at this point that Sale either goes to the Dodgers or stays in Chicago. Stay tuned.

3. Chris Archer, Jake Odorozzi, or Matt Moore from the Tampa Bay Rays

UPDATES: Dodgers are in talks with the Rays about one of these three pitchers. Archer's price tag is too high, LA might not need more left-handers, so Odorozzi could be in play.

The need for starting pitching was front and center on Sunday when scheduled starter Bud Norris exited the game against the Arizona Diamondbacks after just 13 pitches.

If Chris Sale is Plan A, for Friedman, than Chris Archer is Plan B. The Rays make plenty of sense as a trade partner for obvious reasons:

Dodgers' President of Baseball Operations used to be the General Manager of the Rays for many years and still has strong relationships with the front office and the players in Tampa.

Also, Friedman is a smart baseball executive, meaning understands the delicate balance of putting the best players on the field while simultaneously bolstering the farm system. He knows the Dodgers have the kind of cash to make splashes in free agency, so he doesn't necessarily have to mortgage the house at the trade deadline to get top tier players.

As exemplified last year at the trade deadline when the team acquired Alex Wood, Mat Latos and Jim Johnson, it's far more likely that the Dodgers trade for serviceable arms that can help them make a playoff push rather than trade their top prospects for an ace that could make them a championship contender.

This likely means that either Chris Archer, Jake Odorizzi and Matt Moore could be wearing a Dodger uniform this time on Tuesday. Archer has struggled this year, but he still has Cy Young stuff and currently leads the American League in strikeouts. If his asking price comes down, the Dodgers should pounce. If not, expect either Odorizzi or Moore to join the club by the afternoon.

It should be noted, that the San Francisco Giants—the Dodgers fiercest rivals—have also jumped in on the Matt Moore sweepstakes as a move to beat LA to the National League West title. Moore shut down the Dodgers offense in a 3-1 win for the Rays on Wednesday at Dodger Stadium.

4. Josh Reddick and Rich Hill from Oakland A's

UPDATE: This exact trade came to fruition. The Dodgers acquired Reddick and Hill for three prospects: RHP Jharel Cotton, RHP Frankie Montas and RHP Grant Holmes.

If the Rays hang up the phone on Friedman, expect him to immediately call the Oakland Athletics and put Farhan Zaidi on the line.

Over the weekend, the Dodgers were among two teams that tried to trade for both Josh Reddick and Rich Hill. Immediately after the talks dissipated, it was reported that the Athletics were working on an extension for Hill who is currently on the disabled list.

This could be a sign that he will not be traded, or a mere ploy by the ever calculative Billy Beane. Beane has told teams, "I don't have to make the best deal possible. I'm only going to make a good deal."

That can mean one of two things, either he is not particular compelled to move either player, or he's simply looking for a good deal in return for the assets he has.

If the Dodgers are dead set on bringing in an outfielder, than look for Reddick to be in a Dodger uniform on Tuesday in Colorado. It's possible, if not likely, that they add a pitcher, either Hill or a reliever in addition to Reddick. Whether or not Yasiel Puig would be included in a trade to the A's is uncertain. It's possible he stays put and the Dodgers try and move him after the deadline through waivers.

5. Carlos Gonzalez from the Colorado Rockies

UPDATE: As written below, the Rockies are no longer sellers at the deadline, and have no interest in trading Carlos Gonzalez, Charlie Blackmon, or any other player. 

Much of the trade talk surrounding Carlos Gonzalez has vanished like a phantasmagoria as the Colorado Rockies have crept their way back into the NL Wild Card Race.

The Rockies have won 9 out of their last 10 games and sit just five games behind the Miami Marlins for the second wild card spot. The New York Mets are buyers at the trade deadline and Colorado is just 2.5 games behind them.

The Rockies had already told reporters that they did not want to move CarGo within the division, making the Dodgers a long shot to land the left-handed slugger regardless. However, with Colorado crawling back into the thick of things, we believe they hold on to their cornerstone star at the deadline.

Reminder: The August 1st, Non-Waiver Trade Deadline does not mean the end of trades. Teams can trade through waivers after the deadline. The Dodgers infamously traded for Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and Nick Punto in one of the biggest waiver trades (completed after the deadline) in Major League history. 

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