Lingerie Football Kicks Off at Coliseum

Defending champions LA Temptations take on the Dallas Desire Friday

No longer just an entertainment ploy during Super Bowl halftime, the former Lingerie Bowl has spawned the official Lingerie Football League hosted in 10 major cities across the country.

The LFL's second season officially starts Friday with a game between defending champions, the Los Angeles Temptation, and the Dallas Desire at the LA Coliseum.

Far from a powder-puff league, these women are on the gridiron to play. Besides their essential uniform (read: lingerie and garters), they sport shoulder, knee and elbow pads as well as helmets. Many of the players are athletes and they aren't afraid to tackle, check and take down opponents.

But the league has its own opponents. LFL has come under fire from critics who say that the sport degrades women athletes by using sex to sell and legitimize the sport. The league has also been accused of not paying medical bills for injured players.

League founder Mitchell Mortaza, interviewed by the Orlando Weekly, admitted that the LFL is marketed toward "mostly beer-drinking college students."

"You may come in the door lured by the sex appeal, but you'll leave blown away by the competition," Mortaza told the Weekly.

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