Video: LLWS Star Mo'Ne Davis Throws Perfect Pitch at Dodger Stadium

Mo'ne Davis looked right at home on a big league mound

If you don’t know who Mo’ne Davis is by now you must’ve been living in an al Qaeda cave for the past month.

My mom even knows who the pint-sized, pitching phenom is and she hasn’t seen a baseball game since I was playing Little League.

For those who don’t, Mo’ne pitched for the Taney Dragons team out of Philadelphia during the Little League World Series, and became the first girl to throw a shutout in the tournament.

But, more than that, it was during interviews that she became, in my opinion, the epitome of 13-year-old awesomeness. She’s adorable, she’s affable and she’s more about team, not herself.

Sports Illustrated put her on the cover, for God’s sake. 

If I was Yasiel Puig I would want her autograph, too.

So, in her latest cross country trek as the unofficial ambassador of girl power, Mo’ne appeared at Dodger Stadium Tuesday to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

No need to get squeamish. This is Mo’ne Davis we’re talking about.

She stood just on the grass in front of the mound in her Dodger jersey, Dodger hat and black and pink Nike’s, did a little shoulder shimmy and fired a perfect strike.

First female Major League pitcher, first female NBA player, first female President, whatever she decides to do with her unbelievably bright future, we all should be on Team Mo’ne.

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