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Los Angeles Sports Fans Ranked Second Smartest in America

A company conducted a research project to determine the smartest sports fans in America and here are the results.

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What kind of sports fan are you?

Are you a casual fan? A fair-weather fan? A diehard fan? Or are you reading this and saying "sports?" what's that?

Regardless of which type of fan you are, your geographical location could play a role on how much sports knowledge you possess.

At least that's what online gambling company USBets.com wanted to find out when they conducted a research project to determine which city in America had the smartest sports fans.

The company developed a methodology using Google analytics in order to determine which cities across the country had the "smartest" fans when it came professional men's sports.

The company analyzed all Google data going back to June of 2020. Using data from keywords, phrases, athletes, teams, and general knowledge questions, they were able to explore search queries for the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. They used this data to analyze 46 major cities using the search results in all 50 states.

Believe it or not, sports fans across the country use Google to find the answers to all sorts of sports questions. Analalytics showed that those questions range from basic ones like "what is a quarterback?" to understandable, "who determines the strike zone in baseball?" or more difficult ones like "Which NFL team has won the most Super Bowls?"

So if you're a sports trivia savant, and want to test your knowledge amongst the best of the best, which city should you travel to?

The results of USBets.com "Smartest Sports Cities in America. (Chart courtesy of USBets.com)

After the data was collected and analyzed, it was determined that New York City had the smartest sports fans out of any other city in the United States. Home to 11 different men's professional sports franchises, the Big Apple has a deep sports history.

According to the data, New Yorkers search Google for the least amount of sports related questions per month. Per 100,000 questions asked on Google, just 243 are sports related. Meaning? New York sports fans know their stuff and don't need to ask Google for all the answers.

Not far behind, was Los Angeles. Angelinos were ranked second according to the data for the smartest sports fans in the country. LA has 10 professional men's sports franchise and only needed to ask sports related questions on Google 422 times per 100,000 questions asked. (We blame the transplants).

The number one searched question in all of Los Angeles was: "How many innings are there in baseball?"

Rounding out the Top 3 was Chicago. According to the data, Chicagoans need to ask Google for the answers to sports-related questions just 577 times per 100,000 searches.

In addition to overall sports knowledge, USBets.com also analyzed Google data to determine which specific sport fans knew the most about.

Believe it or not, America's pastime, baseball, was the most popular sport for common knowledge questions searched on Google. Baseball-related questions were the most popular on Google in 32 states. Second, was football-related questions, which were the most popular in 12 different states.

Another interesting tidbit from the data was the individual athletes that were the most searched. Despite his seven Super Bowl rings, five Super Bowl MVP awards, and 10 Super Bowl appearances overall, Tom Brady was the most searched athlete on Google. In fact, common questions like "Who is Tom Brady," was the most searched question in four states: Delaware, Alaska, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Brady's successor in New England, Cam Newton, was another highly searched athlete. Newton was the most poplar athlete searched in five states since he was cut by the New England Patriots in early September. Hawaii, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island all searched for answers about Newton.

So the answer to that question we asked earlier?

If you want to win your trivia night, just call up a friend in New York or LA and you'll be fine.

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