Luke Walton Talks Magic Johnson, Showtime Lakers

The Lakers came home for their first practice following their annual Grammy's road trip on Monday

The Los Angeles Lakers with Earvin "Magic" Johnson calling shots on the court pushed the pace and played an exciting brand of basketball that was popularly dubbed "Showtime."

With Johnson back in the fold as part of the Lakers' organization and talk of him calling shots in the front office, however premature they may be, discussions about Johnson's potential influence on the organization permeated to the Lakers' practice court in El Segundo.

"There's similarities," Lakers coach Luke Walton said when pressed on what a return to "Showtime" could mean. "Obviously, the way that the 'Showtime' Lakers played and the up and down tempo, that's how we want to play. We want to get out. We have versatile forwards that can handle the ball. We got multiple wings that can bring it up. So, there's a similarity to the way we want to play with them."

Walton continued, "Obviously, the game's changed as far as the technical standpoint and the rules have changed so there's the things that are a lot different now, too, but it'd be a nice blend to be able to get some of that style into the way we play."

Though Walton humored the crowd of mics and cameras with the comparison to the "Showtime Lakers," the coach made it clear that his focus was on Tuesday night's home game and the current product on the court, not on Johnson's emergence as a special advisor to the team.

"I have plans to coach games tomorrow and Wednesday, and then, when I get some free time, I'd love and I'm looking forward to sitting down with Magic," Walton said. "It's going to happen."

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