Manny to Do Penance Before Dodgers Today

It still seems as if Dodger owner Frank McCourt wants his pound of flesh from Manny Ramirez — he got a personal apology but today Manny is expected to go speak to the team, something McCourt requested.

The Dodgers are in Florida to take on the Marlins and that is where the secretive meeting will take place (no way it will be done anywhere near a reporter).

Is this something really needed to repair the clubhouse? Outside of Manny saying he is sorry and adding he can’t wait to get back, there is nothing he really can say. He’s not going to go on the defensive, nor is he going to admit to anything. He’s just going to say keep playing hard and when I get back we’ll make a run to the playoffs. The players will give him a pat on the back and the whole exercize will be over.

This will keep the story in the news another day, that’s about it. Already the “big break” in the case is that the testing of Manny did not show any HCG nor steroids. Basically, the testers saw crazy-high levels of testosterone — four times that of a normal male — and figured something was amiss, then their investigation led them to the HCG prescription.

That barely qualifies as interesting. No logical person is no arguing Manny did not use, so the details of the paper trail does little except give conspiracy theorists something to chew on. And they should have enough already what with the grassy knoll and Tupac being alive.

Today Manny grovels, the Dodger players say “we still love you man” and then maybe we can all just move on for a while.

At least until July 3.

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