Matt Cassel Is Not A Urinal

Matt Cassel can’t get no respect.

The San Fernando Valley product (born in Northridge, went to Chatsworth) was a star prospect out of high school but got little respect at USC where he sat behind two Heisman Trophy winners, Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart. Still, he gets drafted and sticks in the NFL — but on the bench behind Mr. Everything Tom Brady.

Then this year, due to a horrific hit, Brady is down and Cassel finally ditches the understudy tag and has his time in the spotlight. And it turns out he’s very good. He finds his rhythm and leads the Patriots to 11 wins. He’s a legit NFL quarterback now, the kind that commands big money and gets invited to glitzy things like the ESPN Super Bowl party in Tampa.

But the disrespect continues

The football star was in line for the bathroom at ESPN’s Tampa Bay Super Bowl bash Friday night when a drunken reveler tried to cut in front of him. “Matt told him to wait his turn and headed into the urinals,” a spy tells us. Moments later, the fella barged in and proceeded to purposefully pee directly on Cassel’s leg. After security tossed the drunk, Cassel headed back out into the crowd, wet pants and all.

That’s a great story to tell when he’s sitting on the bench next season behind Brady.

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