McCourt Plans to bring the L.A. Marathon to Prominence

Dodgers Owner has big plans to make the Los Angeles race one of the world's best

They say running is the most democratic of all sports. Doesn't matter what you look like, all you need is a pair of shoes and you can run. The Los Angeles Marathon is one of the premier events in the city but despite what you may have heard, it has never been one of the premier events in the world. Simply put. The L.A. Marathon wasn't in the league of Boston. It wasn't in the league of New York. It wasn't in the league of London. It was an underutilized asset. Frank Mccourt plans to change that. The first change - rather than run the event in March, move the race to Memorial Day. Down the road he'd like to either start or finish the race at Dodger Stadium. You have to like Frank's enthusiasm and I wish him the best of luck. Many have tried, but no one has succeeded in making this a must run in the marathon world.

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