NFL Players in Los Angeles Want Trump to Hear Them Clearly

After the inflammatory comments made by President Donald Trump at a rally in Alabama on Friday night regarding NFL players protesting, many made their voices heard on Sunday.

President Trump stated that if fans would "leave the stadium" when players kneel in protest during the national anthem, "I guarantee, things will stop."

Trump said NFL owners should respond to the players by saying, "Get that son of a b---- off the field right now, he's fired. He's fired!"

Many NFL owners released statements against Trump's comments, stating their point of views on players protesting and free speech.

The Los Angeles Chargers and owner Dean Spanos were no different when they released a statement regarding the issue.

Many players, coaches for the Chargers stood together by locking arms, while other players such as Melvin Ingram, Chris McCain and Tenny Palepoi took a knee during the National Anthem. Darius Philon, Damion Square, and Brandon Mebane decided to sit down.

Head coach Anthony Lynn talked about the decision to protest and how the team would handle it moving forward.

"We talked about it (Saturday) night. Since everyone was talking about ... I felt I had to address with the team," Lynn explained. "We decided to lock arms and show unity. Most of us did that, and the ones who didn't do it, I respect their right to express themselves the way they did. I just wanted us to show unity."

Many players for the Chiefs also expressed unity on the sidelines and a few players sat down during the national anthem. Rookie running back Kareem Hunt who exploded for 172 yard rushing against the Chargers, expressed his reasons for his team protesting.

"It's kind of a bad of a bad situation going on right now, I kinda don't really want to talk about it," Hunt said. "We just want to stay united as a team. We just want to play ball, and we love each other in the locker room."

Every player had their own interpretation of what their version of protest is, however one thing is perfectly clear, they all wanted to unify as one loud voice. Showing solidarity is key during these difficult times. Social activism is real and apart of everyone's life whether you're a player or a coach in the NFL. Some players expressed that they would continue to use their platforms to protest against racism and bigotry that continues to be displayed in our great nation.

"We thought the discussions were all good (last night). Collectively we though this the was the best route to show love to our neighbor and our country," Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers said about the team's decision to lock arms.

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