No “The Dodger Years” Coming

If Joe Torre wrote a book about the Dodgers, it would be a dull read. Sure, he could explain his odd fascination with playing Juan Pierre, but that’s a PBS costume drama compared to the he Desperate Housewives soap opera of the Yankees locker room.

Not to worry. Not only is Torre not going to write a Dodgers tell-all book, nobody is according to owner Frank McCourt:

"The book ['The Yankee Years'] was something that was in the works prior to the time that we made our deal with Joe. Having said that, in our contract with Joe there is a confidentiality provision that he can't be writing a book about the Dodgers or our team, so that was very important to us. Not because of the book, it's because we have that with all of our uniform personnel."

The McCourts have made a host of questionable decisions — Where have you gone, Paul DePodesta? — and they have pissed off countless front-office staff. They buy $46 million homes in Malibu while questioning spending money on players.

But if they know one thing, it’s how to cover their asses. Thanks to a relatively passive media (is there anyone left at the LA Times to ask questions?) and a fan base that was happy to just see an owner that tries to win (as opposed to the FOX disaster), the McCourts never really have had to face the bright lights of ownership in a big city.

But Karma never sleeps.

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