Giants Embarrass Dodgers In 19-3 Loss

Giants set record for runs scored at Dodger Stadium

In a 162-game season there are some games you hope to never remember. Unfortunately, the Dodgers 19-3 loss to San Francisco on Saturday may not be one you forget soon, because the rival Giants scored more runs in one game than ever before at Dodger Stadium.

The game got out of hand right out of the gate with Ricky Nolasco giving up a sequence of double, walk, RBI single, single, RBI single, error, and RBI walk before recording the second out of the inning. The Giants went through the entire order before the Dodgers even touched the bats. 

Nolasco got the first out of the second inning, but that was all for the night. He gave up another four runs and was yanked for J.P. Howell with the Dodgers down 7-0.

He had only two starts of three earned runs since joining the Dodgers, and in his previous four starts he combined for two earned runs in 28.2 innings. His 1.1-inning, seven-run performance on Saturday raised his ERA since joining the club from 2.07 to 2.88.

The scoring did not stop after was Nolasco removed from the game though, Stephen Fife was brought in to pitch three innings and he gave up five more. In the third he gave up three singles for one run, and in the fifth two singles and a walk to set the table for a Hunter Pence grand slam to put the Giants up 12-1.

At that point the Dodgers threw in the towel and played a lineup that consisted of the backup's backups. Ever think you would see this Dodger lineup? P Moylan, C Butera, 1B Hairston, 2B Gordon, 3B Young, LF Buss, CF Schumaker, RF Castellanos. That is not even a lineup you would expect in a Spring Training game!

It is a good thing the Dodgers called up Chili Buss and Alex Castellanos Saturday morning, or else they might have had to keep an everyday major-leaguer in the game! Castellanos actually scored one of the Dodgers three runs on a solo home run.

The Giants scored two more in the seventh, three in the eighth, and two in the ninth for a grand total of 19 runs. The Dodgers scored three.

In the terms of the season this game means very little, if anything at all, but the worst thing to come from this loss is that the Dodgers hated rivals from San Francisco now hold the record for the most runs scored in a single game at Dodger Stadium. The only thing that could make it any better is if the Dodgers came out and scored 20 runs against the Giants on Sunday to take back the title of most runs scored in their own stadium.

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