Phil Jackson Says No Way I'd Work For Mark Cuban

After a lazy performance by his team in a loss to Oklahoma City two weeks ago, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban sat down with the media and said every player on the team needs to get focused, or moves would be made in the off-season.

Cuban sits behind his team’s bench at games — even on the road such as at Staples Center yesterday — and is not shy with his opinions.

That is pretty much the opposite of Lakers owner Jerry Buss, who takes the CEO role, sitting up in a suite and making big-picture decisions for the team but staying out of the coach’s way.

So would Phil Jackson want to coach for Mark Cuban?

“I don’t think I could work under those conditions,” he said.

He added that it is a tough adjustment for many players, but that most would eventually develop a thick skin and be able to deal with it. Jackson, however, gets tired of dealing with the media asking questions, let alone some know-it-all owner.

And since Phil has nine rings to Cuban’s zero, we’ll back Phil here.

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