Brayden Schenn wondering if Brian Burke finds way to draft him

MONTREAL -- Interesting night for the Brothers Schenn.

The Toronto Maple Leafs could find a way to select (or luck into drafting) Brayden Schenn, the Brandon Wheat Kings center considered one of the top five forwards in the talent pool, allowing him to he and brother Luke Schenn to play on the same NHL squad.

Then again, things could get nutty if the New York Islanders pass on John Tavares; to the point where neither Schenn could be playing for the Leafs next season.

Toronto Star writer Damien Cox sees this as the scenario in front of GM Brian Burke: That Luke Schenn could be a way to pry one of the top three picks away for Tavares. Then again:

But let's say Burke won't deal Schenn and Tampa's not interested in a deal with Toronto. Then position B for Burke has to be the double Schenn. There are those who see Brayden Schenn as a Mike Richards-type player, and this would be an acquisition that would surely grab the attention of the city after last season in which Burke was personally offended by the way many simply yawned as the Leafs once again missed post-season play.

The Leafs currently hold the seventh overall pick, and most mock drafts have Brayden Schenn as the fourth forward selected in the first round, behind Tavares, Matt Duchene, and Evander Kane. USA Today had Schenn going fifth overall to the Los Angeles Kings. So, in theory, the Leafs are going to have to come to Schenn rather than have him drop down.


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In speaking to Brayden Schenn yesterday, the potential to join his brother is paramount in his thoughts.

"It's hard not to be in the back of your mind [because of] where I'm ranked and where the Leafs are picking. I'm certainly in their range," he said.

It's also clear from talking to him that, in our opinion, the guy wants to be a Leaf. Sure, he was the usual diplomatic prospect paying lip service to the other suitors, but one can tell in talking to him where he's like to start his NHL career.

"The fan base the Leafs have around there, it's almost like Canada's team. For me, obviously that'd be nice," he said. "But obviously there are 29 other teams out there and I'd be just as happy going to any one of them."

Now it's up to Brian Burke to see if Brayden Schenn goes to the one or the other 29.

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