Contest Gallery: No-Foil Stanley Cup Replica Competition

Entries are rolling in for our No-Foil Stanley Cup Replica contest, in which we asked the creative minds in the Puck Daddy readership for "handmade Stanley Cup replicas that stray far away from the usual foil-wrap jobs."

We're also receiving a healthy number of questions about contest rules and etiquette, so here's a short FAQ:

Q. Does the No-Foil Replica have to be freshly made?

No. Because of the time constraints of the contest (the deadline for entries is Friday, June 12 at noon EST), we totally understand that elaborate replicas will be difficult to pull off. So if you've already made one for a tailgate party, special occasion or as some sort of hockey-related craft project, it's eligible. (Just as long as you had some hand in its construction; yes, we've seen that episode of "Ace of Cakes.")

Q. Are there size restrictions?

To the joy of good portions of our readership: size does not matter. Don't think you need to build a scale replica of the Chalice. It can be any size; hell, if you can sculpt a grain of rice into a Stanley Cup, chances are you're winning a prize.


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Q. Will you judge more on accuracy or ingenuity?

Like every contest, we want to open up a photo file on the Puck Daddy email and do a spit-take. Ingenuity always wins out, which is why we're hoping the next week brings a plethora of kitchen-made and childhood toy-constructed No-Foil Replicas.

Q. I made the NBA championship trophy out of my tears. Is it eligible?

No, LeBron.

Check out the initial post on the contest for prize information; we're working on sweetening the pot for the big winner and, although it's not something we often do, securing honorable mention prizes. Remember: Deadline is June 12 at noon EST. Send all entries to Coming up, the first batch of entries; starting with the amazing Stanley Cup Cake above, sent in by Paula Lucas:

Here's my No-Foil Stanley Cup; it was a birthday cake made for my Grandma's 89th birthday. She's a huge Pittsburgh Penguin and overall hockey fan.  It was all cake, even the top, unlike Duff's (from Ace of Cake) fake top bowl. I inscribed all of my grandma's 5 children, 17 great grandchildren, and 25 great-grandchildren's names on the side of cake. It was delicious!

Dissing the Duffman? That's the spirit.

And here ... we ... go.

One of the first entries we received was this Stanley Cup keg replica from Puck Buddy Anthony Miller:

Our 'Lord Stanley Keg' is awarded to the winner of our ice hockey league, indoor soccer league and beerlympics tournament. Engraving each player and team names on the back.

This is the latest winner of their indoor soccer league.

Solid, although we must deduct points for not having proper tier-ing. Although we'll add the points right back for what appears to be a clean-shaven Scott Niedermayer crouched in front of it.

While not as aesthetically pleasing as the first one, there's no question Theresa Orem's Stanley Cup Keg captures the spirit of the thing. From the beer bowl on top to the Styrofoam tiers, there's a lot of love here. As Theresa wrote: "Let's just say I am glad duct tape exists. At least I get to drink the beer now." Amen.

Extra points for the "stan LEEEE" Cup on the front. Makes us think of Marvel Comics. Excelsior!

Our old pal Loser Domi sends in what we feel is an important entry. While others are more complex and intimidating, Domi keeps it simple:

"Made out of several sheets of craptastic newsprint style construction paper, gluestick, and pencil. I tried a 3D version using the same materials, but it didn't work."

Well, you know what? Making a tiny Cup with art class equipment and then photographing yourself drinking from it is pretty much all we wanted from this contest. Get cracking, glue sniffers.

Of course, now we've probably just made all the art students soil themselves after seeing Chris Askew's incredible entry. From the humble creator:

Here is your winner.

My cup was hand crafted from Solid Oak.  It is regulation size and weight.

The construction was done using a segmented bowl technique on a wood lathe. It is made from 552 individual pieces. Over 100 hours went into the construction.

No one likes a braggart. ;)

Honestly, though, thanks for this; it's really remarkable.

This is a tough call, honestly, because it's professionally made. But Puck Buddies Karen and Tom Kindschi certainly had input into it, and have a cool story to share about it:

This is a picture of our ACTUAL wedding cake!!!  My Husband and I got engaged during the 2006-2007 Season and joked that IF the Anaheim Ducks won the Stanley Cup we would change our wedding cake to look just like it. While we were in Vegas planning our wedding we put $100 down on the Ducks to win. When they DID we looked at each other and shrugged.  We went back to Vegas, got our winnings, went back to the bakery and gave them the money to "upgrade" our cake. Funny thing was that in Vegas no one really knows what the Stanley Cup looks like! We had to show them pictures.  It was just about the same size and air-brushed in silver.  It was the most amazing wedding cake ever! Of course we only had 50 guests and cake for about 200 ... but whatever. It was well worth it!

Hopefully, there wasn't a Detroit Red Wings or San Jose Sharks fan within cutting distance.

Finally ... we loved metal shop, if only for the Freudian joys of the drill press. Brian Kopp of "Hockeytown, USA, via Travis AFB, CA" sent in this awesome bit of metal work that's made out of "6061 T6 Aluminum." A Stanley Cup Theo Fleury could have raised over his head without assistance, 20 years too late.

Keep those entries flying in. And remember, keep it simple; how is it we haven't even gotten one Play Dough Cup yet?

(Ed. Note: We imagine there are going to be some entries that are taken from other sites or Google Images. If any reader wants to call B.S. on an entry, please do so in the comments or on email.)

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